AFX is a Patent-Pending electronic biosensor device with integrated microfluidics that can be used for the detection and concentration measurement of small molecules, proteins, bacterial cells and spores depending on the requirements of the manufacturer. The sensor was prototyped and tested for the detection and quantitation of gluten.

AFX consists of a passive capillary channel fluidics device and a passive capillary fill mechanism adopted for sample delivery. This fluidics component comprises a sample port, funnel-design microchannel and vented sink system. Active fluidics features a hydraulic flow device.


ARM-B (Allergy Registration Microarray Biosensor) represents a leap in allergy diagnostics since "skin prick" tests. The test is performed either by a clinician or at home. The user places a patch, containing a micro-needle array onto their skin. Each micro-needle represents a single allergen. The detection processes involves measuring an immunoresponse from the user’s skin. This response is digitised and analysed using a reader or Smartphone.

ARM-B is a follow-on product from Allogen Biotech's allergen detection technology. It exploits significant intellectual property developed by Allogen Biotech in the fields of rapid diagnostics and electrochemistry. 


Billiún is a high accuracy, multi-parameter digital water test for use at the point of consumption. The device when placed in a sample of water measures several water quality parameters and wirelessly transmits the data to a smartphone and collated by the customers’ water utility. This allows the water service company to perform high-level data mapping on potable water and offer improved water supply service.

The name Billiún is Irish for Billion. Billiún has the grand ambition to offer tests on the quality of drinking water to over a billion households throughout the world. Drinking water quality and standards varies dramatically from country to country. There are many reasons for this, with one being the water quality is not widely or accurately assessed at its point of consumption.  Billiún intends to open new horizons for information on the water we all drink.